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Courses, tools and templates for yoga and wellness retreat hosts looking to automate enquiries and bookings with solid marketing foundations.

Overwhelmed trying to duct tape different marketing strategies together, hoping your Frankenstein creation will work and fill your retreats?

Learn how to lay a solid marketing foundation the right way so you get enquiries and bookings while you sleep without the overwhelm of filling your retreats.


The framework for more retreat bookings with less time

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5 Ways To Get Last-Minute Retreat Bookings

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Live programmes and digital products with everything you need to get direct bookings (without relying on 3rd party directories)


Retreat Marketing Toolkit

Everything you need to promote your wellness retreat in half the time.

Perfect for overwhelmed and time strapped retreat hosts.

Easy to plug & play – These templates are designed to save you hours of time and eliminate creative blocks forever. If you need to create the essential marketing assets to sell more retreat spaces, these templates are here to make it as simple and fast as humanly possible.


Retreat Page Confident

Create a retreat sales page that converts visitors into bookings.

From relying on costly retreat directories that “don’t get any enquiries, let alone bookings” to the proud owner of a retreat-filling website…in a week.

Stop paying high commissions to retreat listing sites, make your own website the primary source of bookings.

  • Create your own retreat sales pages that you love and works
  • Know precisely what should be on your sales page that turns visitors into enquiries and bookings
  • Do it yourself even if you are not a tech person
  • Get guidance, support and feedback every step of the way
  • Launch your retreat sales page on a small budget and start filling your retreat ASAP